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About Us

Our Identity and What We Provide


Who We Are

Our team of five consultants at Arcose Consulting has provided health and safety consulting services throughout Western Canada for nearly 15 years. Our clients have included government bodies, large private corporations, the insurance industry, banks,  home owners and public institutions. In 2008, we established Arcose to focus on providing indoor environmental quality consulting services to clients in residential settings.  In 2013, we transitioned our services to occupation and environmental health and safety consulting to take full advantage of our capabilities.

Our assessments are based on our knowledge and experience, using scientific methods and proven technology. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to develop solutions that work for them.

What We Do

Arcose Consulting Ltd. provides environmental health and safety (EHS) consulting services.  We service all parts of Western Canada.

Our services include:

  • occupational health and safety regulatory compliance auditing and consulting
  • occupational hygiene consulting
  • confined space entry training and program development
  • hazardous materials (asbestos, lead, PCB’s, etc.) assessment and consulting services
  • lead paint and lead dust assessments
  • fungal contamination assessments, including mould
  • general occupant exposure assessments
  • training

To ensure the highest quality product, all reports are reviewed and approved by an industrial hygienist, certified in the comprehensive practice of industrial hygiene (CIH, ROH).