Arcose is excited to announce the expansion of our online course selection at Arcose Learn. Backed by the expertise of Arcose Consulting Ltd.’s consultants and driven by a desire to provide high quality online training, Arcose Learn is a leader in education in the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety sector.

Our students benefit from courses built by a team of experts who bring their years of field experience and collective knowledge to course creation. Courses are interactive and engaging and provide students with certification which can be provided to employers for safety training records or professional development purposes.

Arcose Learn is pleased to now offer the following two courses: New and Young Worker, and Mould Awareness Training. This is in addition to the previously released Asbestos Awareness BC online course, as well as online programs created to meet the specific training needs of our clients, and our extensive list of in-class course offerings.

New and young workers are at an increased risk for workplace injury and death, particularly in their first six months on the job. The New and Young Worker online course is a 1.5-hour program that explores the potential hazards faced by workers who are inexperienced or in unfamiliar work environments. The provincial and federal regulations that govern employers and supervisors, workers’ rights, and industry best practice are also examined. Case studies give the student the opportunity to test their knowledge and can be used as a discussion tool for group sessions. Knowledge checks are offered at the end of each section to allow the course participant to check for understanding, and a final knowledge assessment is used for certification. The information provided in the course has been thoroughly researched and makes frequent reference to external resources to further understanding.

Mould poses a serious workplace hazard. Mould Awareness is a practical online course that arms workers with the knowledge required to deal with this potential risk. Students will gain a great deal of insight into the many aspects of mould, from its biology through to its identification, management and remediation. A review of pertinent legislation provides employers and workers with the knowledge of applicable regulations. In this 2-hour course, students will have a number of knowledge checks before their final assessment, where learning is tested so that certification in the course can be achieved.

With the goal of enhancing workplace safety, Arcose Learn is an important resource for employers and workers. Given the correct tools and training, workers are better able to perform their job safely and a safer work environment can be achieved.  We look forward to us being a part of your education solution.