Every year, our team actively participates in the AIHA BC-Yukon Industrial Hygiene Association’s Annual General Meeting. Not only does it give us the opportunity to stay connected with our peers, it also lets us stay current in the field of industrial hygiene. Additionally, the AGM provides a chance to meet and learn from new sponsors, and of course, the chance to win some nice gifts at the end of the conference.

Amidst the difficult times we are facing globally due to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s AGM has been made possible by moving it online. Arcose would like to give special thanks to the team behind the local section who have made this possible. Once again, the IH community has done what they excel in – overcoming challenges and mitigating risks in our spontaneously changing environment. As a team of Industrial Hygienists and Safety Professionals at Arcose, we will be participating in the upcoming event like all previous years, just in a new and unprecedented way. This year, our Principal and Senior EHS Consultant Evan Alvernaz will also be speaking at the conference. If you are interested in Industrial Hygiene, we would be pleased if you could join us.

We look forward to seeing everyone at this event – virtually. For more on the AIHA BC-Yukon Chapter and the annual AGM, please visit https://www.aihabc.org/.