Over the past year and a half, Arcose has been hard at work developing online occupational health and safety training through our online platform Arcose Learn. Some of the courses we have developed for our clients and partners are private, some we have developed on our own and are public, and some we have customized to a client’s specific needs which are available both publicly and privately in different forms.

One of the first courses we developed was our asbestos awareness course. We separately made this course available for a fee to clients and have at times included it as part of a consulting package. At this this time, we would like to offer this course to the greater community for free as a show of gratitude for all the support we have received in these challenging times.

The base awareness information from the course is applicable to most jurisdictions, but it was developed with British Columbia in mind, with focus on WorkSafeBC enforced regulations.  It will take approximately 3-hours to complete the full course, with a certificate of completion provided at the end.

We recommend the course if you work or live in a building constructed prior to 1990 and you have not had other formal asbestos awareness training.

Please feel free to share the link to the course below if you feel somebody you know may benefit from the content. We hope everyone get the benefit of this course, but we are most excited about the opportunity to provide this training to those who live in remote communities, and to the those for whom the cost of equivalent training may be prohibitive.

We are always working to improve our offerings, so welcome all feedback on the course.