We are ecstatic to announce that Yanyu Law, BSc, Dip.T(OHS), is the newest member of the Arcose team. Yanyu was officially branded out in her Arcose jacket on Friday, October 22, bringing her probation to a close. A probation that, we should add, could compete for the title of least necessary ever because Yanyu has been an absolute star since joining us. Her hiring just happened to coincide with a heavy influx of project work so Yanyu’s early development was more a trial by fire than our new hires are traditionally subjected to but she handled it like the superstar she is. If early results are any implication, we cannot wait to see the future success Yanyu will enjoy in the years to come.

Congratulations, Yanyu, on continuing your career in EHS and completing your probation and thank you for joining Arcose.