Claire Mocock (EHS Consultant, Arcose Consulting) visited Campbell River, BC to deliver her presentation on “Culture Change is Hard! …But Does it Have to Be?” at the 2018 Upper Island Safety Conference. While using traditional definitions of organizational and safety culture, Claire debunks the myth that changing an organization’s culture is “too difficult”. Claire worked with conference participants to paint a picture of what a positive safety culture would like in their organization and completed a case study on some of Canada’s leading safety culture companies.

Participants were walked through the different methods of motivating workers and employers to prioritize safety activities in the workplace. Claire broke down key activities that she has used, and witnessed success with, in change management and improving an organization’s safety culture. It is not the activity that improves the culture, it is the approach taken with the activity when planning, implementing and educating safety systems and initiatives in the workplace. Claire believes that these activities and approaches must be specific to the needs of the organization, while complementing and reinforcing current business processes.

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